Monday, November 16, 2015

From Astrology to Astronomy...from Modern to Modular...

"ABOUT 500 YEARS ago a middle ranking church official working in an obscure part of what is now northern Poland imagined a new way to think about the workings of the universe. Before Copernicus, mankind knew that the earth sat motionless at the very centre of the universe with the sun and the stars turning around it. After Copernicus, we knew the earth was just a minor planet orbiting an unremarkable star.

What Copernicus thought about the universe was important - it turned astrology into the science of astronomy - but how Copernicus thought about the universe was immeasurably more important. Copernicus taught us how to do science. He taught us to look for simple answers to complex problems ( The essence of Modular-Finance) and he showed us the importance of using our imagination.

Copernicus was the first of the scientific revolutionaries, but he was not the last. He was followed by a long and glorious list of imitators. These copy cat revolutionaries borrowed his scientific methods and to a surprising degree also used very similar imaginative tricks to turn their own fields into sciences."

~ Hat tip ~ Geooge Cooper ~ MONEY, BLOOD AND REVOLUTION