The Complexity Economics view of finance is still forming and many questions remain unanswered. But it is clear that the Traditional theories are inadequate and new approaches are needed. For Wall Street and other financial markets, the implications of Complexity finance are only just beginning to be felt.

These ideas are clearly in play at the academic and institutional Level,  A number of firms, both major banks and hedge funds, are employing the statistical and modeling techniques of Complexity Economics in devising their investment strategies (our propriety process is called Modular-Finance~in~Motion™ ) - and many of these firms either employ or are advised by various econophysicists and behavioral economists.

 Naturally, these firms are very secretive about what they are doing and the results they are achieving. But inevitably, complexity science will change the world of investing and will yield new innovations in the Red Queen race of investment strategy.

Modular-Finance~in~Motion™... is a process created by MAIN & WALL Financial that utilizes integrative Thinking across multiple disciplines to create innovative solutions, stragegies, products for individuals, businesses and investors...

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